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It's not just the idea but the execution that makes for great marketing.

Ideas are a dime a dozen.


Sometimes I wonder if anyone knows what the hell they are doing.

More often than not it's just blindfolded people throwing darts at a dart board.

Calgary Marketing News

September 9, 2017 David Howse will teach The Final Project class of Mount Royal University’s Social Media Marketing for Business certificate. This will be the sixth time David has taught marketing at Mount Royal. David will guide the class through the development of a Social Media Marketing Plan for cooperating Calgary not-for-profit organizations. Call us if you would like help with your company's social media marketing. We can make your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and more work for your business.

April 25, 2015 marked the completion of our two-year public relations engagement with Calgary's Century Downs Racetrack & Casino. In all, nearly 100 tv, newspaper, magazine, and radio articles were published. The scope of our work was media relations, press release writing, press event management, video production, photography, and media engagement tracking.

Bill Borger Jr.
Borger Calgary

David Howse - Matterhorn PR - its been a blast - as a friend and a media guru I appreciate your catering to my stylings and exposure allowances and never letting the media set the pace.

- Bill Borger Jr., President WRD Borger Construction Ltd.; the fifth person ever & first Canadian to have swum the English Channel and climb Mount Everest. (See Calgary PR Firms for more.)

Cawston & Associates
Calgary Tax Lawyer

David is a creative genius, there's no doubt about that! We started working with David back in May of 2007. In 2010, under David's guidance, we ramped up our marketing efforts and the results have paid off more than ten-fold. David's breadth of knowledge was key when we were connecting the dots of our marketing message.

We are Calgary-based tax consultants serving all of Canada who bring the best possible resolution to bankrupt business, near bankrupt business, and businesses who are feeling the heat from the Canada Revenue Agency. Taxation and corporate governance is a complex world and David took us through the whole marketing process with the same competency and professionalism we give our own clients. Do not hesitate to call us to confirm our statement about David Howe Marketing or, as David pointed out, to inquire how we can protect your business before undesirable tax-related issues occur.

Sincerely, William Cawston (403) 251-5925

Donna Wetterstrand
Lethbridge Marketing

Years ago, I first met David when I hired him to help me do some marketing for a business which I have since sold. Even then, it was obvious that there was no one in southern Alberta who could match his understanding and expertise in marketing.

Now, as a business consultant myself, David and I have been collaborating on client projects, and I get to have a front-row seat to watch David in action. He's driven by results. Over and over I have seen him get the kind of results that other marketers dream of, the kind of results that just aren't normally available to business people. I couldn`t recommend David more highly.

If he says he can help you successfully market your business, it`s because he can.

Andrea Kladar
Marketing in Calgary

“David Howse is a Marketing Rock Star! I had an important project, the 100for100.me campaign, that needed not only a marketing expert but someone who could take all the assets of the campaign and put a plan behind them, implement a strategy, and finally work with me to take care all the tactical aspects – and all in 14 days!

Not only did David do it all he did most of it while we sat together in our meetings. I would explain a concept and before I knew it he would say, “you mean this?” then turn his computer toward me and everything I wanted was ready to go. He can take an idea and turn it in to a story in seconds which may turn in to what your website menu needs to be, how you will communicate with your clients, or even a full blown story printed in the Calgary Herald. By the time the Herald article happened I was getting used to being amazed by David.

As a business owner you have these choices, do it yourself and never know better, hire a big marketing firm that will eat your whole operations budget, hire someone who calls themselves a “marketer” and delivers anything but quality marketing, or hire David Howse and get a service that no marketing company can give at a price that is truly an investment in your own future. It’s simple, just call David.“

Andrea Kladar, CIM, Kladar Wealth Advisory Group, TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, Ph. 403-299-3270

Dr. Shannon St. Pierre
Marketing for Psychologists in Calgary

I was referred to David Howse Marketing through Cawston & Associates for whom I manage Expert Witnesses relating to bankruptcy cases. Bill's testimonial about David (above) speaks highly of David's creativity but I think that is a complete undersell.

Sure David is incredibly creative but so was van Gogh - yet he died a poor man. In the 8 months that I have been working with David, my client base has doubled which has directly affected my income. Not only did David increase my business by 200% but he did it with less than half of the money I was spending on a telephone directory company.

Creativity is one thing David is great at but he is also one of those rare people who is also good with finance and statistics. As a fully licensed psychologist I really appreciate someone who can run a correlation analysis on various marketing data. With David I have a whole new perspective on what a good business website is, the importance of ranking on Google for relevant search terms, and how to effectively communicate to prospective clients (David is an amazing writer). David also has strong negotiation skills when dealing with other marketing vendors, and he is a really fun guy to be around.

David asked for a testimonial and I found my self not wanting to stop writing all the wonderful things about him, here are a few last points:

  • I would talk about your follow-through
  • your attention to detail
  • your dependability
  • problem-solving skills
  • I would talk about your integrity.
- Dr. Shannon St. Pierre, Calgary, Alberta Tel. (403) 282-1474

Marc Bombenon
Marc Bombenon Calgary Marketing Services

David Howse and I started working together back in early 2011, he was referred to me by Bill Borger Jr. At the time I was told David has some great marketing skills and that there was pretty much nothing that he couldn’t do. Over the next few months I discovered that David’ grasp of marketing concepts was incredibly strong and his skills went well beyond most people’s narrow definition of marketing. Yes, David is one of the best for marketing, advertising, websites, search engine optimization, social media marketing and more. It is difficult to write a list of all his skills because he is one of the rare people who, no matter what the challenge is, will figure it out and implement the best possible marketing solution. Here’s one quick example of his limitless talent;

In one meeting I mentioned to David that there were some foreign companies that I wanted to connect with to get them to look into investments in Canada. About two days later David had arranged a telephone conference with some government officials who would in turn connect me directly to that country. David also handed me a brief on how to tackle those businesses. I guess international business and marketing was something he left off his long list of skills until it became necessary. David has surprised me like this so many times.

When it comes to handling complex issues involving complicated ideas and financial implications across multiple time lines it’s as though David handles it better than any computer could; translate that in to making a business decision and David might just be one of the best human assets for hire in Calgary.

No matter what your business is or what you are trying to accomplish, personally I recommend David Howse to help make it successful.

Marc Bombenon
PDL Contact Centres Ltd.

Chantell Drobot
Calgary Medical Marketing

Hi, my name is Doctor Chantelle Drobot and I am a business instructor at Mount Royal University as well as a private business owner in Calgary. David came highly recommended as THE go to guy for Search Engine Optimization in all of Alberta.

I was told that David had a long record of enabling his clients to rank #1 on Google for the search terms they wanted. David took my business website from the bottom of page six to the top of page one of Google

After a few conversations with David I got a sense that he was "gifted" with an amazing knowledge of marketing and internet marketing. I invited David to guest lecture at Mount Royal University.

Well, he simply came in and blew everyone's socks off. He was that good!

When the semester ended and I received the student evaluation forms, well over half of the students mentioned David's lecture as a high-point of the course. Without reservation, I highly recommend David Howse - Dr. Chantelle Drobot, Calgary, Alberta

Bells & Bows Bridal
Calgary Fashion Marketing

David has taken my website to a whole new level. In less than 30 days after implementing a new marketing strategy, my website traffic increased 400%. Not only did I notice the improvement but the owner of the company that I use to host my website called to say how amazing David is at website marketing.

My website was task #1. On the second task David didn't just hit the ball outof the park, I think he put it in orbit. David went on a world tour for eight weeks and came back with new purchase agreements that cut my bridal accessory costs in half! Who else on this planet can do things like this?

- Angeline McDonald, Owner, Bells & Bows Bridal Centre. Lethbridge, Alberta

Evergreen Golf Centre
Alberta Golf Marketing

I trust David's marketing expertise. Not only did I use his services for Evergreen Golf Centre but I also had him guest lecture the Lethbridge College Retail Management class that I teach. David is a great resource for Lethbridge businesses. Kevin Hamilton - Partner, Evergreen Golf Centre. Lethbridge, Alberta





A telephone directory sales person, in the process of asking me to renew my ad in their directory, told me that search engine optimization will cost you $15,000! So directories are still a better form of advertising. David did the job for $250 and my website traffic increased 40% within days.

- Darryl Moore, Owner, FloorRight Lethbridge, Alberta.

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