All of the links on this website cover the various forms of advising and consulting services that we provide. The following is a partial list of the industries we have worked in over the past few years:

  • Accounting/Tax
  • Apparel: Bridal Shop and High-end Men's Wear
  • Auto Repair
  • Beauty Salons/Spa
  • Beverage (Wine & Beer Stores)
  • Call Centre Operations
  • China-based Product Sourcing
  • Chiropractic
  • Commercial Real Estate Development and Investing
  • Film & Television (Vancouver and Los Angeles)
  • Food Production (Beef Jerky Manufacturer)
  • Golf
  • Grocery - Corner/Convenience Store
  • Group / Employee Benefits
  • High Tech Manufacturing (Vancouver and San Jose, California)
  • Home Based Businesses
  • Home Decor
  • Home Renovations (Flooring)
  • Home Renovations (Kitchen)
  • Home Renovations (Lighting)
  • Immigration Consulting
  • Industrial Pumps, Compressors, Mobile Lighting
  • Human Resources / HR Recruiting
  • Law Practices
  • Market and Marketing Research
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Medical
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Mortgage
  • Not-for-Profit / Fundraising / Extreme Sports (see Bill Borger)
  • Personal Computer (PC Manufacturer)
  • Psychologist Services
  • Restaurants
  • Travel
  • Wholesale: Bridal Accessories Company and Industrial Goods Company

When you hire David Howse Marketing Ltd. you work directly with David Howse. Even though we have a staff that fills all the needed rolls of a marketing and business consulting service provider, all key decisions and strategies come from David Howse.

The Secret to Business Success

Considering that David Howse has worked with over 200 Alberta business owners over the past seven years it should be obvious that he has learned a few traits of what makes a successful business owner. If anything, a prospective business owner or a business owner who knows he or she can improve needs a strong circle of other successful business owners on his or her side.

It doesn't matter how many business classes or coaching seminars you take; it doesn't matter how many books you read; it only matters who you have watching your back and giving you advice. Without this strong circle success will be a huge challenge. With this circle success will be hugely rewarding.

If you hire a business coach then hire one who is respected among the leaders of Calgary's business circle, who runs a business beyond just coaching, and who can help you connect with people you need to be successful.


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The general categories of those services cover:

  • social media marketing
  • sales training
  • business plan development
  • public relations
  • e-mail/internet marketing
  • financial analysis of current marketing strategies
  • website design/review & enhance
  • traditional advertising (print, radio, TV)
  • Google & Facebook advertising
  • market & marketing research
  • website search engine optimization (SEO)
  • customer relationship management
  • China product sourcing, negotiations, quality control
  • and all of the other categories listed on this website

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