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Please, before you hire a business consultant or marketing company please check their references. See: David Howse Marketing's Testimonials

First meetings usually last one or two hours depending on what we discuss in our initial telephone conversation. When we meet, I come prepared and no time is wasted.

There is one thing that will always be discussed; for a marketer to do his or her job he or she needs to know the basics of your business. A marketer is like a financial analyst who looks at things from a market perspective as much as an accounting/economic perspective.

BEWARE OF MARKETERS WHO CANNOT READ FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: At the very least a marketer should be able to read and understand your financial statements.

What if your main problem was that your inventory was too high relative to your turnover and that the interest you paid on financing that inventory was the amount of money that could give your business the improvement you wanted from it? ... Who needs to spend more money on advertising when the answers are already sitting on your financial statements? This is what a first-class marketer can do.

I am not saying that my accounting and financial audit skills are that of a good CA's but I do have much more experience in connecting the dots of a business' expenses, from a marketing perspective, than almost anyone else.

Beyond financials we will look at the usual items such as past marketing experiences, target market, brand, advertising, the Internet, current client relations, your goals, etc.

These questions will help you to define your business in marketing terms. This is similar to an automobile diagnostic except you are the feedback, not the car's computer. From the above information will come solutions to your specific problems and challenges. I will make recommendations that include tactical actions. I will either provide the services to bring those solutions myself, train you to take care of your own marketing, or connect you with the right people to do the job.



A Sample Email of Setting Up a Meeting

Hi Pam,

Thank you for contacting me. To answer your questions ...

For first meetings I charge $250 as most clients come from referrals and they know I am probably the top marketing in Calgary.

For this I spend a couple hours doing research and put together a broad overview of what needs to happen.

For my last client in the book business I got him an article in the Calgary Herald, the Globe & Mail, coverage on USA Today and ABC News' websites plus interviews with the New York Times and ABC's 20/20 News program.

Here's some relevant information on my PR work: Also click the Bill Borger page on the above website and look to the right panel for the media in which I placed Bill.

Speaker's Bureaus probably shouldn't be your first pick in PR. The best steps would start with some amazing reviews of the book, testimonials and a forward (preferably on the jacket) by a credible person then, local media and so on.

Call me at 403-991-8863 when you are ready to book an appointment.

I hope the above is helpful.

David Howse


The Proof is in the Pudding: Guesthouse Restaurant, Lethbridge

calgary marketing meeting at restaurant david howse

The early days of David Howse Marketing Ltd. saw its beginnings in Lethbridge, Alberta. In this photo is Al Scherer, the former owner of Guesthouse Restaurant on HWY 3, Lethbridge. Al was (and I hope one day will be again) one of my favorite clients; we spent many hours discussing marketing strategy and watching our ideas and actions unfold on a weekly basis.

One of my happiest moments came in 2010 when Al sat to talk to me and told me he had just finished talking to his main food supplier. Al was pretty happy to say he was the busiest restaurant in Lethbridge and he wanted to thank me for the good work we had done over the past two years. Al has since sold his restaurant to go after some bigger goals.


When you are ready, call me at 403-991-8863.