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Calgary Oil & Gas Promotional Video

This page updated November 2, 2014.

Should your Calgary business be on Youtube?

If you haven't experienced YouTube, try it for the first time by clicking the play button on this video.

YouTube is a centralized location where millions of people store and browse videos. One of the cool things about YouTube is that it gives you the ability to put videos (if you own the copyright, or if they are public domain) in to your website.

Now that you know this, having someone discuss if video is right for your businesses website is the next step.


(above) Video 1: Client -
Calgary Oil & Gas

You actually don't need YouTube to put video on your website, but it is an option. Not only do I provide complete marketing consulting, but I spent six years in the the Vancouver and Los Angeles film industries.

Click here and here for some of my credits. I directly worked on 11 high budget productions and indirectly on about 50 others.  I am currently producing commercials for local companies and will update this page once they are completed. Call 403-991-8863 for more information.


Video 2: Client Q Haute Cuisine (Calgary)


Video 3 and 4: Client - Cawston & Associates (Calgary)

Above: Testimonial video for Cawston & Associates featuring Cochrane Rancher Roy Copithorn. This video was the result of:

  1. consulting with Cawston & Associates (Calgary's top tax consulting firm) to find the best way to explain to prospective clients the level of service and competence they provide
  2. spending a couple hours with Mr. Copithorn getting to know him
  3. working with him on the best way to present his story on video
  4. after the video was shot out on Roy's ranch I went back to Bill Cawston's office reviewed the video with him
  5. then over the next few days finished the editing
  6. connected the video to from a YouTube account I set up for them. And that's pretty much the process
  7. Of course the devil is in the details as even SEO is a component of the YouTube process as, of course, is video production which I have been learning since 1988 including, as mentioned above, six years working on CBS, ShowTime, CTV, and several other productions.

Above is another video for Cawston & Associates. This video includes past photography and event write-ups with a voice over that narrates the video. To create an effective video the producer needs a very strong undertanding of all the production elements and marketing concepts.

Video 5: Client - Franco Lombardo (Vancouver Author and Business Consultant)


Video 6: Client - Carpet Superstores

This Carpet Superstores Calgary video was produced to augment our SEO strategy and to provide a view of the showroom to website visitors.


Video 7: Client - Bells & Bows Bridal Centre of Lethbridge

The purpose of this video was to help promote a buyer's incentive in the form of a travel giveaway.


More to come!